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See some of the best credit card applications currently available. See top offers for low-interest, bad credit, student, business and rewards card programs. Check it out now

You can still get information about student loan consolidation programs. If you can consolidate your multiple student loans into just one loan, you can often get a lower interest rate and a longer payback timetable. Click for more

If your credit is totally whacked, you should look into the best secured cards and be on your way to obtaining a new secured credit card you can use just like an unsecured card. Use it in stores, online, motels and airports -- anywhere regular cards are accepted.

If your credit is on the bad side, credit cards for bad credit are probably your best option. If your rating and score are below average, these cards may help you reestablish or improve your history. You may more in interest and fees, but that is just the price you have to pay to improve your rating.

If you or your child is off to college this year, check out the most popular credit cards for students available from the biggest lenders in the business. A college student card can be a great investment in money management, financial and budgeting experience and flexibility in paying for college expenses. TransUnion is one of the large credit reporting agencies.

Credit Cards

If your credit report isn't exactly in top-notch shape, fix it.

If you are already carrying a lot of debt, maybe getting another credit card isn't the answer. Find another way to eliminate your debt burden.

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