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Are you having trouble finding a credit card that will accept you? Maybe you should look into a prepaid card. Take a look at the best pre-paid credit card and consider if a pre-paid card is right for you. A pre-paid card prevents you from over-spending and getting further in to debt. Yet it is more flexible and more secure than a debit card is.

If you're a college student, you pretty much have to take a card with you to college. The best credit card offers for students are offered by the major banks, come with low APRs, little fees, adjustable balance levels and even rewards.

So you're lucky enough to be running your own small business? Do you have a good business card yet? See most of the better small business credit card offers all in one place. Get the best card for your situation. Earn rewards, track spending, allow limited use by employees, earn a short float on your expenses and more.

Can't qualify for that fancy platinum card right now? So what, you can still get a decent card. Look into the top poor credit credit cards and get a card that works for your lifestyle. Get the flexibility that an unsecured card offers and start building or re-establishing your credit history along the way.

The federal government has a student loan consolidation program that allows you to consolidate multiple higher interest rate loans into one single lower-rate loan. You can save cash every month.


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